Welcome to the garden!

Well, here is my very first post on my blog. As I am not terribly technical, this may all be for naught, but we’ll try it out and see. I will apologize for not having my own photos yet. I am sitting in a class learning how to do this, so I am, at present, using stock photos. But soon I will have my own. I so admire Alicia Paulson’s blog posie gets cozy

Weeding has been the order of the day/week/month so far. I don’t think the dirt will ever come out from under my fingernails. I guess this is also why I am not a manicure kind of gal. But short nails do allow for better violin practice. Well, better if I ever get caught up on the weeding. First things first. But the gardens look lush and lovely.


I picked strawberries yesterday and several were the size of golf balls! An irony, living next to a golf course. The hostas are up and hosta-ing and the cats are using them as skulking cover as they pretend to stalk things HostaSumNSubstanceS(all except for the big, grey beast – he really does hunt — the only real cat in the bunch, as Ed likes to say). Almost all have returned. I even spotted a few leaves making their way through the mulch where we thought there were none as I pulled tiny trees yesterday morning. Hooray!

There is progress on sun room front. After three days of construction, thanks to my wonderful husband and his super-duper construction guru nephew Chris, we have a skeleton of the room, complete with trusses. The next phase will be two big days: cutting into the existing roof to attach the sun room roof and then adding insulation and the subfloor. Then we can put up sidewalls, run the electrical and on and on and on. Considering we only have Saturdays, for the most part, I feel like things are coming together really quickly. I told Ed last night that it’s a good thing I’m not a demanding, “I want this now” kind of person, or we’d all be going crazy right now.