So, a Bhuddist monk walks into a coffee shop…


No joke. I am in Seattle, my body on Iowa time, waiting for Elliott Bay Books to open (only 35 minutes now). And, truly, a Bhuddist monk just came in. So I suppose the punchline would be something like “and became one with his coffee while becoming one with the world on his laptop.” I want to talk with him and maybe take his photo, but don’t want to appear overtly rude.

Well, I did speak with him and got a photo. He’s originally from Indiana but has been a practicing monk in Seattle for the past 30 years. There are over 30 Buddhist communities here because of the high percentage of Asians here (Pacific Rim and all). He seemed a little surprised at my request to take his photo, but he was very nice about it (Buddhist and all). He even gave me a small meditation book when he left. Om.


I saw Victrola Coffee Roasters in the guidebook and a woman I spoke with on my walk this morning recommended it, but I never thought I’d actually find it. Yet, here I am. And I definitely feel the Seattle vibe in this place. The shop sits in the middle of the LGBT epicenter if Seattle, or so it would appear by the prevalence of rainbow flags. Lots of ink, lots of piercings, lots of wild haiir. So, I took a snap of my baritsa’s tat. Pretty sweet and quite beautiful.


Well, it’s now 10, so I’m off to the bookstore. More after that portion of my journey. And it is all about the journey, you know.

Elliott Bay Books was amazing. It is my new favorite bookstore in the world (followed by Powell’s in Portland, OR). I found some fun reads, great magazines, and a pair of fox socks, among other things.


It’s frustrating to have to limit purchases to what will fit in my backpack and carry on for the plane. Alas, this is my life. Om.