Peas, please!


The peas are ready! Though little at a time. I forgot how many pods one must pick and shell to get more than a mouthful of the things. But I must be developing more patience, because I keep at it.

So, the Fourth of July weekend is here, even though it’s only the third. Chris the Builder has the day off, so he’s coming over for siding day. By the end of today, the sunporch should look pretty close to done from the outside. Hooray!


We put our wicker chairs inside amongst the construction clutter and popped in a couple window screens and I’ve been sitting there on the mornings when the mosqitoes have been too bad on the front porch. I think we need to change the state bird of Iowa from the goldfinch to the mosquito, at least based on this year’s representatives.

Lots of rain this summer (so much for a possible drought year). In fact, despite Monday’s forecast of nothing, we got 1 1/2 inches of rain and two minutes worth of marble-sized hail. Hostas took a beating, and the gazing ball I thought would be the most sheltered by the garage was shattered in the oddest way (some still in tact? check my photo).

0630151527If you look carefully, what looks like a tree in the center is actually the back side of one broken segment that ended up inside the ball. Weird, in an artistic way.

0630151529aIf I was a better photographer, you could really see the holes punched into my poor hostas.

Otherwise, the garden looks quite nice. I sit on the porch in the mornings and make sure I slow myself down enough to really enjoy my lovely yard. And I think about how this place has really become the secret garden I always longed for, even though I’m not sure I ever knew what I was longing for. Is this a level of Zen mindfulness?