Beets! (and other ramblings)


Beets, glorious beets!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved pickled beets. My grandma used to make them, and one year when I was at college, I got a box of jars from her for my birthday. That’s how crazy I was/am for picked beets.

This year I found a new recipe on Love, love, love that site! I get the magazine, too, and have yet to be disappointed in a recipe.

I decided to snap the beets al fresco for something a little different. Now I really need to make more of an effort at things like cropping. I feel like I am so slow at the tech thing. No. I know I am so slow. But, I keep plugging away. I guess that’s the main thing.

Ed got back from RAGBRAI last Saturday looking like a pirate: red bandana around his head, Mardi Gras beads -{don’t ask) and his face pretty grizzled as he forgot his razor (it must have been hiding out with the tent poles he also forgot). But it was so good to have him back. Just ask Molly. She moped around the whole time he was gone. I’m no substitute for Poppy.

He and Cousin Joe had a great week of riding, with both getting in the Century Loop. Hot dog! On the last day they were joined by friend Doug K. and his daughter who was here from Boston. She found a bike to ride which was dubbed “The Beast” because it was so heavy and had such big tires. But she was a trooper and made it from West Liberty to Credit Island. It was pretty hot and humid, though, and Doug looked a little worn. Or, in the words of Joe “like wilted lettuce.” But he recovered after a beer and a little shade. Whew!

The porch progresses. Christopher was here yesterday and we got some ceiling bits up. Ed will finish the interior insulation and I will help him with the rest of the ceiling and some sheeting on the side walls. We picked up the pine for the flooring and I don’t want to say the end is in sight, but I’m feeling that maybe we could be getting close. All should be done well in time for my second 49th birthday party (as that will be in October, so it really better be done).

Up this morning at 4:30 (have been working out 1-2 hours per day the last week, so I’ve been hitting the hay early because I’ve been so wiped out). It was nice. Full moon. Crickets. Not much other noise. So I dragged a wicker chair back onto the porch and sat with my coffee. Just sat. Ahhhh! This is what my porch is for.

Cheers, all.


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