This morning I am sitting in my wicker chair, feet up, listening to the rain and Sunday Baroque, reading the newest edition of Vanity Fair under a floor lamp on my new sunporch. This is a bit of a fairy tale. I really am sitting here with all the accompanying items mentioned, extension cords snaking across the floor to make some of this possible. It’s just that the porch isn’t quite done yet. It is in the midst of transformation from a rocky, messy stretch behind the house to a frame to a shell to a now nearly done living space.

Today will be the first coat of paint on the newly completed paneling. But still not done after that. Then will be coat #2, then window extensions. Then trim. Then a floor. Then the floor to be sanded and finished. Then electricity. Then. Then. Then. it’s starting to feel like it will never be done, though it also feels like the end is in sight.

Transformation. That’s what it is. A makeover that is complex, complicated and far from complete. Kind of like my life, I guess. Wow! All of a sudden waxing philosophical. Oh, well. That’s what I do when I sit on the porch and it’s raining.

Actually, I’ve been dragging a wicker chair out here most every morning, of late, before it gets light, and I sit here with my coffee, in the dark as it begins to ease into the day. And I just sit. Looking at the yard, at the cats on their perches by the window. Listening to birds as they wake up, the lawnmowers on the golf course, the odd bit of traffic noise that makes its way over the hills and down into our little glen.

Sitting and doing nothing but looking, listening and drinking my coffee. Inactivity is underrated. I always think about those pieces I’ve read that talk about the brain needing periods of inactivity in order to be more creative. I’m not sure it makes me more creative, necessarily, but I think it calms my manic mind and soothes me. Because there are even mornings when I am still in bed and I become overwhelmed thinking about all I need (?) to accomplish during the day that I almost panic before I even set one foot on the floor.

Except now. Now I am learning to take my coffee to the porch and sit until the daylight peeks around the edges of the house and the rest of the world wakes up. All of us experiencing some degree of transformation.


One thought on “Transformation

  1. Pam Marshall

    Bless you, love! It has been SOO nice sharing your thoughts in your blog posts. It makes me miss you even more 🙂 Happy new porch-in-progress! Continue to be glad for the stillness….


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