Playing hooky

I could cry that summer is now over as I start in-services tomorrow, but I can’t and won’t. I had a lovely summer, with lots of things going on and some nice trips. In fact today, on the spur of the moment, I played hooky of sorts and drove up to Wisconsin. I even got Ed to go with me. I took Molly to dog daycare and off we went.

It was wonderful! I just thought it would be a good idea for the two of us to just take off and forget everything, and that’s just what we did!

We began with a stop at beautiful downtown Platteville, which I’d always wanted to see and now I have. We got some delicious blueberry pastries and I got a fabulous coffee and the greatest t-shirt with a bee drinking coffee and a giant “BZZZZ” across the top (picture to come later). We stopped at a consignment store and both found some things. And we generally meandered. Ahhhh.

Next stop: my favorite adopted hometown, Mineral Point, where we visited the garden center and I met a kindred spirit in Marcia. We talked about Wollersheim Wines, the Grumpy Troll, shopping at the Shoe Box in Black Earth. And we talked quite a lot about one of my favorite authors, and one of hers, Wisconsin’s own Michael Perry. Holy cow, (or maybe I should say “Sneezing Cow” — and if you are a Michael Perry fan, that will make complete sense to you) did we chat and chat. It was so much fun. That and getting a cat weathervane for the garden shed, some new plants and a retro Halloween garden flag. Good times.

Then it was on to Hook’s Cheese (of course) and then to the store across the street for, what else, Spotted Cow beer from New Glarus. No trip to Wisconsin is complete without Spotted Cow (which can only be purchased in Wisconsin – smart on the part of the brewery, boosting tourism like that).

The final stop, more or less, was the Grumpy Troll in Mt. Horeb for lunch (and a little side trip to the yarn store and chocolate store, though I exhibited great self-control in both locations — mostly because I had spent boatloads already and I figured Ed was being pretty indulgent but would likely kill me if I brought giant bags of yarn to the car).

Then it was a happy trip home. This was just what I needed for my last day of summer. And I was so glad that I could have my wonderful husband with me.

Did I mention that he is now growing a beard? I told him that was what I wanted for my birthday and that since it wouldn’t cost him anything he really “ought to do this for his wonderful wife.” Ah, guilt. It’s a powerful tool when wielded correctly. But I try to use my power only for good.

So, stay tuned for a picture of the caffeinated bee shirt and progress on the beard (can’t recall if I mentioned it, but after forgetting his razor on RAGBRAI, when he got home between the beard and the red bandana, he looked like a pirate – OOOH!).



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