Nirvana, my friends


Nirvana is a well deserved bloody mary, a book and a comfy chair on my newly completed sun porch.0906151127

Despite the fact that it is starting to heat up outside (looking for a high of 93 today before the heat breaks tonight), it is pleasant on the porch with a breeze, the ceiling fan lazily spinning and my feet up after house and yard work. And, of course, the aforementioned beverage, book and chair.


I also put up my lovely twinkle lights. Just laid them across the tops of the windows where they obediently stayed. All part of the blissful magic that is my sun porch. A porch complete with wicker furniture, a giant fern, and Sunday Baroque on the radio, as it should be.


And this is my gorgeous new floor, which my dear Ed designed, complete with mitered corners. He spent hours gluing, stripping, sanding, staining and sealing. He is justifiably proud of his efforts with our reclaimed flooring, which he found at the Gold Coast salvage store. The wood came from a house near Argo from roughly 1870 or so. It feels good to have such character, such history, in this room with us. We both feel that using recycled materials is important, even though it may take a little more time and effort. This was definitely worth it.

Years ago I remember hearing and then reading about what you want in life. You know, one of those Oprah things. And what I have now, here, my porch, this house, my gardens, pets, loving husband, this was what I wanted. Even though there are days when I whine and complain and scream, “I hate my life!” as I think we all do from time to time, this really is my Nirvana, my Zen, my place of peace. To all the powers of the Universe that have conspired to land me in this very moment, thank you.


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