Summer’s Here!

Finally! The school year has ended and I can get down to the business of doing nothing!

Okay, so that’s not entirely true. My summer is full of all kinds of things: weeding; picking strawberries; making jam; weeding; planting beans which will later be picked, snapped, and canned; weeding; projects around the house; weeding; and, of course, weeding.

The last day for kids was last Friday, June 7. But I still had time to make up for all the hours that got cut from the year for professional development. That meant time for the first three days of this week spent working on curriculum. It was good, productive time, but it pushed summer even further back, and this during a year that was a struggle for more reasons than I care to count. But now, summer’s here!

Even though tomorrow will be my first full day of summer, I did finish a nice little project already. I had picked up some fabric for new kitchen curtains and have been trying to figure out what kind of curtains I could make with a limited amount of fabric. Happily, after looking at YouTube videos, checking out Pinterest, and all kinds of sewing and crafting sites, I came up with an idea that worked, and it used exactly the amount of fabric I had. Not even a teeny scrap left over. Whew! So, that’s one good project already on the books.

And I have decided today that, if the strawberries produce even half of what’s on there now, there will be jam in my future. Maybe even some strawberry-rhubarb, even though Ed considers strawberries a rhubarb contaminant. Silly Ed. And while at the dentist today, my hygienist gave me a recipe for rhubarb butter. It sounds pretty simple and uses an apple for the pectin and honey for the sweetener. I may give it a try tomorrow.


So, this will be a really short post because I am sleepy (created a couple fizzy concoctions to start the summer: limoncello fizz and gin fizz – it’s always good to work on one’s bartending skills), and I’d really like to be able to get up super early tomorrow so I can sit on the front porch and drink coffee and not have to run out the door. That’s one of the best part of summer!  Watching plants, drinking coffee, and watching one of my cats drink dew out of the hosta leaves. Yes, an odd way to start the day, but very peacefully satisfying. Besides, summer’s here!



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